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Stephunk T. is a Czech musician who has been creating music and performing live in many arenas around the world since 1990. During this time he has directed various musical groups including Liquid Harmony. They were highly acclaimed in their time and toured all across Europe and the U.S.A to great reviews. Their album Living in Liquid (Sony Music-S3) was the starting point for live electronic music in the Czech Republic (CZ Grammy Award 1997).

In 1999, Stephunk T. moved away from Liquid Harmony and further into the world of production and re-mixing and completed the building of his studio in the heart of Prague to facilitate this.

At the end of the year 2000 Stephunk T. invited Radimo to help him launch the Stephunk T. Live project. In 2001 they toured across Europe including performances at many festivals and club shows from Prague to Amsterdam. After this period Stephunk T. secluded themselves in a cottage in the Jizera Mountains in the north of CZ to work on material for Stephunk T. download center and upcoming shows. This culminated in a performance supporting the Stereo MCs in Prague (2nd Feb. 2003) and thus was born the Stephunk T. Live band (drums, bass, brass section, scratch, MC and computer support).

Summer 2004 stephunkt.com started it's huge mp3 download section including old classics, exclusive remixes, DJ mix tapes, work in progress and various projects. 
In the beginning of 2005, Stephunk moved to London city, and works as a composer and studio sound-engineer creating a new product launched by LondonMarketingTM.

In March 2006 the UK edition of FutureMusic magazine gave praise to Stephunk T and released Dethrayboosterrocket as part of their readers' demo section in their monthly DVD.

2011 is here and the band is still growing, performing new songs live with an even bigger brass section. Stephunk T are now ready for international touring and look to further develop friendships and productions with fellow collaborators and musicians from all over this small planet, making friends in Cape Town, Sydney, Amsterdam and New York.
Since 2003 Stephunk T. has supported StereoMCs, The Freestylers, Stanton Warriors and The Prodigy .. What's next? Who can say!